Technologies I use

You can count on me from web design concept to a completed, polished and professional site that captures more visitors and generate more revenue.

  • CSS3CSS3
  • JavaScriptJavaScript
  • React JSSit
  • Mongo DBMongo DB
  • ExpressNode JS

My Projects

🚀 Rocket labs

Rocket labs, an SEO agency based in Toronto, ON has been looking for a clean, yet standing-out design and exceptional website performance to beat their competitors in a saturated market.

Accomplished challenges:
  • Pages structure
  • Branding & Website Design
  • Text & Visual Content
  • Development
  • Conversion Optimization

🏠 ASAG Exteriors

I designed & developed the website for the ASAG Exteriors client who was looking for a digital presence to boost the down-trending business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There was no marketing or design team in charge of preparing website design and copy, so these were my responsibilities along with coding and implementation.

🎓 Desentra

Desentra is my small project dedicated to education about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The project's goal was to create a web app accessible from desktop and mobile devices to consume bite-size courses (15 mins or less) on various blockchain topics.

👷 Game of Stone

Game of Stone, a masonry company located in Toronto, ON, has reached out to me seeking help with rebranding and website development to support their business during the pandemic downturn.

🤝 Let's Connect

I am open to new opportunities and projects. Send me a message to get in touch.

About Me

My tech career started way before I even realized it. Back in the days when cellphones didn’t play MP3 formatted music files, I was the only kid in town who had a 50cent’s ringtone when his dad was calling.

Since then, I have held different roles in startups and worked at marketing agencies to build full-stack web products and push them to markets.

Today I am a

  • Full-stack Software Developer
  • Digital nomad. I lived in 4 countries, and 5 cities. Now in 🇨🇦
  • Husband to the best lady in the universe
  • Father of the marvelous son
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